Finding your purpose in Life & Are you allowing yourself to grow?

Hello Wonderful People,

I wanted to create a different kind of post today. Lately I have really been looking for community, friendship and discussion on my blog. I would love to connect with others who want to talk about life’s ups and downs, and how we can all relate on wanting to become better versions of ourselves.

Finding my purpose in life and if where I am currently is meaningful enough is a question I have been pondering quite a bit recently. I wonder if I am living a life where I feel I am moving ahead, developing positively as a person, and finding purpose.

I find the most purpose in making an impact in the life of others. 

Another related question-Is it healthy to get in a routine? Or should we always be exposing ourselves to new things, new experiences, and new people?

Sometimes I feel my life is stagnant and I get to caught up in routine. I want to be open to new possibilities and exploring what the universe has to offer-and what I can offer the universe in return.

Are we not all here to help each other? What are your thoughts on this topic?

I would love to chat xxo




Forgiving Yourself & Letting Things Go

Replaying things that happened in the past that you wish maybe you handled a little differently? Yeah…me too.

This is a lesson that is new to me, a lesson that hasn’t come as naturally as other lessons in life. I often find myself feeling that I am the “victim” to my circumstances, and my eyes are opening to the reasons why I’m so inclined to pin myself as the victim than someone to blame.

Being the “victim” is easier to comprehend, being the “victim” takes less of a hit to the ego. But does it really do any good?

I don’t think it actually does. Seeing yourself only as the victim to your circumstances and things that have happened strips away your power, as it has stripped away mine. I am now realizing that taking accountability for things that have happened is very important for self-growth. AND We can’t all be victims, can we?

Accepting some blame and accountability doesn’t mean you were necessarily “wrong” in a particular situation, but it does give you the chance to learn about yourself … maybe why you handled or reacted to something in the way you did.

Maybe you reacted in the best way you could at the time. Maybe you couldn’t handle much more with all the other things that were being thrown your way.

What I am learning is to remember that you are not wrong for how you feel nor are you wrong when you need to step away for the sake of your sanity. All you can do is put in your best effort at the time, and we all make mistakes, but that does not mean we have to live with regret or guilt forever. You did what you could during that chapter of your life.

Try to forgive yourself and let go, Just as I am. Let’s do it together. ❤


That Little Voice..

You know that tiny voice that appears in your head sometimes, trying to discourage you, and lead you away from your goals? The one that whispers “what you’re doing isn’t good enough”, and things like “you could be doing more with your life but you are just wasting your time, you won’t succeed”.

That little voice is telling me to give up. It’s telling me that nobody will want to watch my YouTube videos and that people have no interest in reading my blogs. It’s telling me that I am not “interesting” enough and that the content I share is incomparable to other people’s. It’s telling me to quit before I end up disappointed in myself again.

I don’t want to listen to that little voice this time. That little voice has stopped me TOO MANY times from reaching my goals, and taking chances. That little voice wants to keep me down, keep me in my safe comfort zone, away from harm. It wants to “protect” me, at least so I thought.

But that’s not how it works… If I give in to that little voice, it wins. In reality, it stops me from progressing and moving forward. Like it has so many times in the past.

If I don’t give in this time, just this one time,  maybe I can finally prove that little voice wrong and kiss that little voice goodbye.

Food for thought. ❤ Don’t give up on your dreams, no matter what you are doing or where you are!



Finally Starting YouTube!

These last couple weeks I decided to try out making a YouTube channel and I decided to describe my thoughts towards the process of getting myself “noticed” and start helping others in any way I can. Check out my channel here: First Youtube Videos

For a long time (a few years now), I thought making a YouTube channel would be something really fun and exciting. A way to express myself as an introvert without having to have that “face to face” interaction with people but still a way to get a message across.

I really love getting to know other people and meeting new friends. I also really like the idea of using YouTube as a creative outlet.

However, I am afraid. I am fearful of people I know will be judging me, and I am afraid of continuing to post videos with no one being interested in watching. I want to reach a wider audience than I am now, but I know it will take a lot of hard work to get noticed.
I hope one day my videos and life advice can help at least ONE person, or at least make a small difference in their day.

What is the purpose of life anyway than to reach others and make someone smile? I think we are here on this planet to influence each other, and I really hope one day to make at least a small positive impact.

Fingers crossed for this to happen one day. Thank you to those who support me.

If you would like to check out my latest video it is now posted on my Blog Sidebar or click the link down below.

THANK YOU for the love.

Making Time for Self-Growth

Between two jobs and an online class this summer, it is easy to say I don’t have time. Time for friends, catching up on sleep, and pursuing the ideas and goals that would bring me inspiration.

I don’t want to pass up opportunities because I am always “busy”. I don’t want put enjoyable hobbies and activities that could become something on the back-burner because I lack the energy. In fact, I think that exploring interests is a great way to FIND energy when feeling burnt out. Innovation and creativity can foster well-being and spice up life in many ways.

That being said, my mission for these next few summer months before I go back to college is to read and learn on my down time. Summer is the perfect time to stay busy but also forget what was learned during the school year. I want to stay sharp and engaged with current events and keep my brain active as much as possible.

There are some things that have been popping back into my memory lately, things that I have forgot about wanting to do, such as photography for capturing some of life’s great moments and beauties, having a balanced diet to stay concentrated and think clearly, and possibly beginning that “start up business” I always wanted to do.

I think it would be full-fulling to learn how to sew bags and clothes, create my own designs, and learn how to make homemade cosmetics like lip balms, bath salts and lotions.

Along with this, I think it would be so much fun to draw again, try out homemade recipes, and go on hikes. Nature is mystical and I want to always take time to appreciate the scenery surrounding me and take advantage of the adventures all around waiting to be discovered.

By saying all this, I think it is time to stop making up excuses and stop fearing failure and the unknown. It is a trap to live a life in fear, because years go by so quickly and I don’t want to look back wondering what it would have been like if I actually tried before I gave up. Most of all, the time I so eagerly fill trying to keep busy, I want to stay busy with activities that will encourage self-reflection and growth. I find it important to stay humble and always be open to learning from others, as well as getting to know yourself a little better too.